Air Cargo

Strengthen Cargo location Germany

Air cargo plays an important role for big parts of the German economy. In overseas trade it already extinguishes 25-30 percent of all in- and exports. On a European level Germany’s share in the cargo-business amounts to about 30 percent and Frankfurt Airport is by far the leading air cargo centre in Europe. However, the frame conditions for air cargo are permanently getting worse. Unneccessary operating restrictions at the airports, night curfews, the lack of a nationwide airport strategy, a missing concept concerning intermodal traffic systems as well as inefficient administrative processes are reasons for the unsatisfying development of Cargo business.
BARIG calls on politicians and authorities to establish pro-competitive frame conditions and avoid additional restrictions. In Frankfurt the “Air Cargo Community Frankfurt” was established early 2014 in order to jointly manage and enforce with BARIG and its airlines as well as other logistic partners the necessary developments needed for a competitive Air Cargo Infrastructure and better frame conditions for Frankfurt Airport and Germany in general.

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