Emission Trading

No European solo attempts

BARIG appeals to the EU Commission to pause the regional and European Emission Trading scheme until a global system is introduced. Until then, equality of opportunity and a fair competition should be arranged. The temporary solution found by the EU-parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Commission disadvantages European airlines. Currently the Emission trading scheme applies to the inner-European airspace only.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) of the United Nations currently works on guidelines for a Global Emission Trading System that is obligatory for every state and airline. These guidelines are scheduled to be introduced in 2016 and will be valid worldwide in 2020. The EU on the other hand wants to inspect their basic rules and international progresses again in 2016. If the evaluation is negative, the originally intended emission trading system will be enforced in 2017. It is important for every airline to have planning reliability and unitary terms until 2020.

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