Night Curfew 

No further operating restrictions

The airports play a major role in assuring the international competitiveness of the German industry and national economy. But the night curfew at the airport of Frankfurt e.g. restricts this competitiveness and heavily endangers employment in aviation industry there. Passengers are adversely affected by the strict operating restrictions, cargo deliveries are delayed and a competitive and economical operation for the airlines is getting more and more difficult. This produces a massive disadvantage for Frankfurt Airport in the continental as well as worldwide Airport and Hub competition. A political inspection of the night curfew is very urgent and has to have the goal of designing a strategic national air traffic concept which defines locations with night curfew flexibility for the benefit of Germanys economical future. More restrictions in framework conditions and anti productive operating restrictions endanger the economical success of airports and their attached infrastructure, a development which is absolutely unacceptable. Instead, airports have to be able to operate in a competitive environment with the highest possible degree of planning certainty and flexibility.

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