Passenger Rights and Arbitration

Further development of dialogue with consumers

Considering situations in which passengers and airline have disputes, the international airlines in BARIG follow the principle of a good and constructive dialogue with their customers. For clarification of possible claims the airline is the customer’s first point of contact. If an issue cannot be solved satisfactory within 60 days, the arbitration board for public transportation (söp) can be called. As neutral institution, it analyses the incoming cases and evaluates together with the airlines and customers which claims are justified and which are not. The arbitration board for public transportation was chosen as additional contact point for passengers, to also solve disputes in air traffic out of court.

The European Commission and the EU Parliament will have to take up these topics as well as the reformation of the passenger rights regulation EU 261/2004 again. BARIG calls to review the draft proposals for the reform and to establish fair and comprehensible rules for all parties involved.

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