Airport charges  

Airlines insist on more transparency

The permanently increasing charges which the airlines at German airports have to bear, have reached an irresponsible level. Annually the airlines have to pay more than 2.2 billion euros for using German airports. The trend is increasing. In international comparison the charges at the German airports are disproportionately high and are reaching record levels.

Part of the airport charges are e.g. charges for take-off, landing and parking of the aircrafts as well as the usage of airport facilities – from the toilet to the boarding bridge for the aircraft. In addition to that, landing- and take-off charges are also a massive cost factor. The airport charges and fees are fixed by amount and structure of the individual airport operator within a legal framework. BARIG insists on more transparency, more efficient and cost saving processes at the airports as well as a bigger effectiveness of regulatory management instead of just continuous price increases. Costs at the airports have to be assigned transparent and achieved cost advantages have to be passed on to the airlines and airport users.

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