The Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) represents the interests of the the national and international airlines operating to and from Germany. BARIG, through its political and commercial engagement, assumes an important contribution for the global competitiveness of the aviation location Germany. With its around 100 international member airlines BARIG belongs to the worldwide biggest association in commercial aviation.

Annually BARIG airlines transport around 1.7 billion passengers and about 25 million tons of cargo to over 1.500 destinations worldwide. Approximately 160 million passengers fly them to and from Germany. With over 105.000 employees in Germany, the airline-members of BARIG are important employers and a major economical factor and taxpayer.

Based on worldwide expertise and experience concerning aviation issues BARIG is a very acknowledged and competent counterpart. Politics, media as well as enterprises and organizations of other transportation businesses even beyond Germany and Europe are in exchange with the German BAR. Furthermore, as the representative of airlines, BARIG has very close cooperation with airport operators, aviation authorities, air-traffic control as well as noise abatement commissions, border police, custom authorities or other viable institutions working with the aviation sector.

The BAR, which was founded in 1951, is today managed by a fulltime management office and assisted by an executive committee wit advisory function as well as several committees for strategic, industry and political topics. The General Assembly/Full Board of all members forms the institutional body of BARIG.

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