• Clean indoor air thanks to green ionization technology

    Airdog units are among the most modern developments in the field of mobile air filters. They are based on the particularly reliable, environmentally friendly TPA technology. By means of ionization, they clean the air from viruses and other pollutants.


    Airdogs deactivate 99.997 percent of corona and other viruses in the air and just as reliably rid the air of bacteria, fine dust, fungal spores and allergens. The effectiveness of Airdogs is scientifically proven and certified. Their big plus is also that they are very environmentally friendly. No parts or filters have to be replaced regularly or disposed of at great expense. This also means that there are almost no follow-up costs.

    Airdog air purifiers are already in use in Europe, North America, China, Japan and other Asian countries – especially in offices, schools, hotels and medical practices, but also in numerous private households.

    The mobile Airdog air purifiers are available in three sizes and can be combined in particularly large rooms. In addition, there are Airdog devices for the interior of cars as well as a portable solution for travel or everyday use.

    In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, DENTDEAL Produkt und Service GmbH has taken over general distribution of the Airdogs. The Passau-based company has decades of experience in the fields of medical technology and hygiene.

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