Need-based development of infrastructure

The infrastructure at German airports is far away from meeting the demands of smooth air traffic. In many places, capacities are already working at their limits. This creates a major problem for airlines because they face high costs without receiving adequate services. Also, the development of intermodal linkage of different means of transportation must become a central element of future mobility. For example, the connection of the airport in Munich to the long-distance train network of Deutsche Bahn and the construction of a third runway, which is now unnecessarily further delayed by the most recent moratorium, are long overdue. This expansion is necessary to secure the competitiveness of Germany’s second-largest airport.

From BARIG’s point of view, a consequent and need-based modernization of German air traffic infrastructure is essential to ensure a prosperous future for air traffic in Germany. Attractive infrastructure as the basis of modern mobility within the overall interest of society and is correspondingly addressed in the national air traffic concept. To prevent spiraling costs in this area, investments are to be made in a targeted and appropriate manner. Local and regional prestige projects that do not serve a sustainable market shall no longer be pursued.  

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