Air cargo

Air cargo

Strengthening Germany's position on the international air transport market

Air freight plays a key role for large parts of the German economy. This has been particularly evident in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which air freight has become increasingly important. Despite the most difficult conditions, it maintains global logistics chains and ensures the worldwide transport of necessary supplies and trade goods.

At European level, Germany's share of the air cargo business makes up around 30 percent (status as of 2017 in tons). In overseas trade, air freight also accounts for around 30 percent in terms of value of all imports and exports. During the pandemic in particular, the cargo business proved its worth with the rapid transport of valuable goods, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. Frankfurt Airport is the leading air cargo center and largest pharma-hub in Europe with the world's largest temperature-controlled infrastructure at an airport and many CEIV-certified airlines, handling agents, and service providers. In addition to Frankfurt, the Cologne Bonn Airport and Leipzig/Halle Airport are also large successful cargo hubs but more specialized in integrator business. Nevertheless, the framework conditions for air freight in Germany must be permanently improved and capacity expansions driven forward.

In view of the further development of the air cargo sector, BARIG appeals to politicians and authorities to implement uniform rules for the EU, especially regarding freight security controls, taxes, and customs clearance. The non-admission of the special control procedure in Germany as well as the REST or RASCargO detection method, which has not been approved here so far, must be reconsidered in order to avoid a relocation of the air cargo and logistics business to countries abroad. Moreover, the development of an intermodal transport infrastructure as well as further optimized and integrated authority processes are indispensable for the creation of pro-competitive framework conditions.

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